Supported Community Living

Staff works in consumers' homes on goals that will increase independent living skills that will allow them to function as independently as possible.  The following are samples of skill development activities:

  • grocery shopping
  • time management
  • medication management
  • food preparation
  • social skill development
  • community skills
  • personal needs
  • maintenance of living environment
  • money management
  • personal hygiene
  • self-care
  • transportation related to goals/supports
  • community awareness
  • medical appointments and coordination

Home Based Habilitation

Staff works with consumers on individually tailored goals/supports that assist with getting, retaining & improving skills related to living in the community. These services are provided in a consumer’s home and can include:

  • adaptive skills development
  • daily living activities
  • community inclusion
  • personal care
  • social and leisure skills development
  • transportation related to goals/supports


Respite care services give temporary relief to the usual care giver and provide all necessary care that the usual caregiver would provide during that time.  No skilled nursing procedures are conducted.  No transportation or staff expenses are allowed during respite.

Supported Employment

Individualized services that assist consumers in maintaining competitive employment.   Service activities include the following:

  • individualized work-related behavioral management
  • job coaching
  • on-the-job or work-related crisis intervention
  • safety training
  • transportation related to employment - as approved by funding source
  • employer consultation
  • appropriate grooming
  • time management
  • problem solving

Customer Directed Attendant Care

Consumer-directed attendant care services are service activities performed by a person to help a consumer with self-care tasks that the consumer would typically do independently if the consumer were otherwise able.  No skilled nursing activities are involved.

Day Habilitation Services

Day Habilitation services are services which work with clients in a group setting on specified goals that they would like to achieve to increase their independence and skill level. Examples include:

  • cooking
  • volunteering
  • socialization skills
  • problem solving
  • community awareness

Outpatient Psychotherapy and Counseling Services

Outpatient psychotherapy and counseling services are provided to an individual, group or family in which the therapist uses professional skills, knowledge and training to enable individuals using the service to realize and mobilize their strengths and abilities, take charge of their lives, and resolve their issues and problems. Psychotherapy services are provided by a person meeting the criteria of a mental health professional or by a person with a master’s degree or an intern working on a master’s degree in a mental health field who is directly supervised by a mental health professional.

Crisis Stabilization Services

Crisis Stabilization Services are short term services provided in community based settings.  The goal is to stabilize and reintegrate the individual back into the community. Crisis Stabilization is designed for voluntary individuals who are in need of a safe, secure environment less intensive and restrictive than an inpatient hospital.



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